ICC Mediation Week in Paris

For the ninth year the race in international commercial mediation (ICC Mediation Week) under the auspices of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, France. The competition was attended by 66 university teams from around the world, including Bahrain, Russia, USA, Israel, Germany, Holland, England, Bulgaria and many others.
This year the International Foundation "Lady Diana" supported a team of the University of National and World Economy with participants: Elena Shopov, Marian Kanev and their coach Maya Stoyanova. The race was preceded by the first international roundtable on mediation, which is a unique forum for exchange of experiences between mediators from around the world.
The team of World Economy competed with the teams of: Germany - Biserius University, which was ranked at the prestigious fourth place, the United States, Bahrain and Italy.
The financial support that the Foundation - "Lady Diana" gave the team of UNWE was worthily justified by the team, which received many positive evaluations from the judges. UNWE was ranked among the best for best introductory speech. For the first time in the history of the race a special prize was given for the most social team out of a total of 66 participating teams. This award was won by the team supported by the "Lady Diana" Foundation, as for the team of UNWE had voted all 65 teams including judges and mediators.

The mediation team of University of National and World Economy expressed his great thanks to the Foundation "Lady Diana" for their trust and support, without which they will not be able to participate and give such a worthy performance!