Flag and Crest of International Foundation
"Lady Diana"

The current flag and crest was approved by the Board in 2013. This is the first crest of the Foundation since its establishment in 1997 and is a natural continuation of the traditions and character of this international organization towards its mission as a natural extension of activities and the work of Princess Diana.

The flag and crest of the International Foundation "Lady Diana" are determined by a decision in accordance with which they are symbols expressing the international status of the organization relevant to freedom, equality and humanism as a basic foundation in the development and the views of the Foundation and all its representatives members and volunteers.

The flag of the "Lady Diana" has a rectangular shape and consists of two colors: white and purple vertically from left to right as colored fields are identical in shape and size, but between them is a large emblem of the foundation which is an integral part of the flag representing precisely Foundation "Lady Diana".

Shape, color, size and coat of arms

The shape, color and emblem of the flag of the "Lady Diana" are written in the Statute of the Foundation

Art. 2 The flag of Foundation "Lady Diana" is a two-color: white and purple placed in equal parts from left to right vertical, and between them is a large emblem of the Foundation in equal parts on each half of the two color fields as crown royal lily over shield serves as a reference center from which the left side, a golden lion and part of the shield is the white half and half his right white griffin and the other part of the shield are located on the purple half of the flag.

Specifically, shape, size and color are determined as follows:

Shape and size: a rectangular sheet with two equally sized vertical colors: white (on the chassis) and Purple. - The ratio width to length is 2: 3.

- Depending on the size of the flag emblem must be in proportion to the size of the flag (calculate) vertical version of the flag of the "Lady Diana"

For holding mass events banner of the "Lady Diana" can be printed on paper 20 cm x 30 cm in colors:


Meaning, symbolism of the colors of the flag:

White - symbolizes peace, neutrality, prosperity, spirituality, perfection, harmony and purification.

Purple - symbolizes power, nobility, independence, generosity, magnanimity, wisdom and dignity.

White: CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0; RGB 255, 255, 255; Pantone Solid Coated 663 C
Purple: CMYK: 29, 79, 0, 43; RGB 104, 30, 146; Pantone Solid Coated 2597 C



Bearer: International Foundation "Lady Diana"

Established: 2013

Crown:  Royal Crown with Lily

Shield: divided into four three primary colors (red, white and blue) and five figural elements inside

Pedestal: Baroque Pedestal of Gold


The crest of the International Foundation "Lady Diana" - LEGEND



Shield - divided into four equal parts with three basic colors (red white and blue).

On the shield are five elements:

The Trinity / Triquetra - a symbol of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)
Key - representing the key to the good and the success of each person
Royal Lily - royalty, prosperity, harmony, balance, freedom and hope
Shell - Protection, compassion and mercy.
Phoenix - resurrection, immortality, hope and symbol of higher virtue and grace, strength and prosperity.


Crown above the shield - Royal crown with lily on top, symbolizing: tradition, prestige, dignity, honor
Shieldbearers  - represent the lion and griffin on both sides of the shield that it "supported"
Golden Lion with Crown - symbolizes wisdom, pride, patience and nobility.
Griffin - (Head, wings, and talons of an eagle with the body of a lion); valour and death-defying bravery; vigilance;

Pedestal Golden ornament with acorn in the middle on which the shieldbearers stand also has pedestal hanging bar motto, and at both ends of the ribbon are depicted royal lilies.



The Motto is an integral part of the emblem, and is written in English.