International foundation ‘Lady Diana’ is established on 10 October 1997, 40 days after the untimely death of Lady Diana, by a group of Bulgarian and international intellectuals with the sole purpose of keeping the bright memory of the Princess, and continuing her work – humanism, compassion and support for the people in need, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual preferences.

This is the first foundation to be registered using the late Princess ‘name, and the only one recognized by the Queen. The foundation is supported by the British community and generous Arab beneficial, with evidences of that support dating back to the establishment of the charity back in 1997,  which has been visited by ambassadors and official representatives of 19 countries, amongst which Great Britain, USA, Argentina, Cuba, India, Egypt ,Qatar,etc. The foundation is also proudly supported by famous people with a proven record in sports, culture, arts, medicine, education, business, etc.

Throughout the years, foundation ‘Lady Diana’ initiates and supports different projects on a regional and international scale, with the first one being the first opera, dedicated to Lady Diana. The libretto and the accompanying music, creation of Zhivka Klinkova, are called ‘’The Princess of Wales’’.

After the 1999 Columbia earthquake, the Foundation actively gathered funds and humanitarian aid for the victims and the restoration of the local area. The same year, under the patronage of HH Terassita Capoti , ambassador of Cuba, Havana’s South Park was renamed ‘Princess Diana’’.

The Foundation actively participated in the international campaign for the rescue of the Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor, falsely accused of professional negligence, resulting in HIV epidemic.

Amongst the many initiatives, supported by the Foundation , we can distinguish the restoration of the road leading to ‘’ Krystova Gora’’ (The Bulgarian Jerusalem).

  The foundation started restructuring and changed its marketing approach in 2012, broadening its horizons and its development strategy. A new internal codex and board of directors were chosen in 2013, which altogether with the new website and the number of new regional offices, resulted in a team of young, well-educated and motivated people working more effectively on our single goal- following Lady Diana’s vision of a better world.