The Zika virus is spreading

The Zika virus is a global threat to public health, already affecting more than 20 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. The "Lady Diana" Foundation works in the complicated situation to mobilize communities and prevention of infection.

"Although there is still no conclusive evidence of a causal link between microcephaly and music cast virus has reasonable grounds for immediate action. We must act quickly to provide women and pregnant mothers the necessary information to protect themselves and their babies. You should also engage communities with information on how to stop mosquitoes that carry and transmit this virus. ", said the Foundation's management in New York.

Registered cases of microcephaly in newborn babies in Brazil have increased to 4180 between October 22, 2015 and February 20, 2016. For all of 2014 there were 147 cases in the country. With the rapid and extensive spread of virus, there are some simple measures that can help safety people, namely: use insect repellent; wear bright clothing which cover the whole body; eliminating places where mosquitoes can breed; and placing mosquito screens on windows and doors. Pregnant women who believe they may be infected with the virus should seek specialist care by a medical professional.

At this time an increase the incidence of microcephaly is only reported in Brazil, but the International Foundation "Lady Diana" is ready to support other countries using its network of offices and volunteers serving 25 countries and territories.

The "Lady Diana" Foundation is raising funds to limit the spread of the virus and limit its impact on newborns and their families in the region.